The story behind
our approach

Combining restaurant industry know-how, cutting-edge AI innovation, and deeply-held values, spearheads the field of restaurant intelligence.


Restaurant insiders

Our two co-founders, Daniel and Stuart, share a profound connection to the restaurant industry. Stuart’s background in owning and managing various restaurants pairs well with Daniel’s immersion in a family of restaurateurs, as his parents and grandparents operated their own establishments. These experiences serve as the foundation of our venture.


Drawing from the deep-rooted connections to the restaurant industry, our team approaches solutions with genuine empathy, understanding the sector & its challenges.


The combined strengths of our team members in restaurants, data science, and AI fuel the development of our industry-altering solutions and breakthroughs.


Following the digital shift of the past few years, operates at the cutting edge as AI continues to reshape the world, embracing these changes to drive innovation.


Cutting-edge intelligence pioneers the restaurant intelligence field by harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies, employing an unparalleled, proprietary dataset, as well as using and building the latest and best-in-class AI tools available.

Embracing OpenAI

Capitalizing on OpenAI integration from its closed beta days, has built solutions around these new, revolutionary capabilities with a particular focus on NLP.

Proprietary Database

Our database is a comprehensive and unparalleled collection of up-to-date restaurant data, creating a unique differentiator for solutions built around LLMs.

Advanced Tools & Techniques

We seek out and embrace the latest tools & technologies, from developing our own active learning platform to building a graph database, to drive innovation forward.


A values-driven partner

At the heart of our organization lies a strong foundation of values that inform our every move. We pursue partnerships with teams and entities who resonate with these principles, fostering a collaborative environment to create lasting change.


We use data to drive every decision we make; continuously unlocking new insights that guide everything we do - from product development to recruitment.


We thrive on change and adapt to evolving circumstances with agility and resilience, constantly learning and adjusting our strategies and approaches.


We relentlessly look for new insights, uncovering breakthrough ideas that drive our product development and the solutions we build.


We champion transparency and integrity, acknowledging our missteps as essential lessons. By embracing candid communication, we build a foundation of trust.


At the core of our principles lies a deep commitment to fairness. By placing this at the forefront, we ensure our actions are aligned with the interest of all stakeholders.