When data
meets expertise

The ultimate restaurant intelligence platform built at the intersection of data aggregation, machine learning, and deep restaurant expertise.


Creating endless possibilities

We built to enable & empower others with custom solutions leveraging the highest quality data and insights. Our engine can be used in a multitude of ways and can be tailored to suit the exact needs of our partners.

These are just a few use cases of how we’re making the restaurant industry smarter.


Deliver Sales Enablement
That Actually Enables supercharges any sales team selling to restaurants by providing a deep and holistic view of the industry and each restaurant in it – keeping your salespeople in the know at all times.

Complete Picture

By combining our restaurant and diner data, we’re able to a create a complete picture of every market you operate in - automatically highlighting supply gaps & opportunities.

Lead Prioritization

What a quality lead is depends entirely on your business. We custom-build solutions to ensure that your people are working on the most valuable sales leads at all times.

Sales Enhancement

Enable every salesperson to show up wise to the needs of their customer. From knowing when to call, to their exact tech stack, we can help you offer value from the first “hello”.


Merchant Onboarding
In Seconds Not Weeks

Between the chaos of running a small business and a lack of incentive, onboarding a restaurant can take providers up to several weeks. Our engine was built to automate this process, bringing your customers online faster.

Automated Setup

Our comprehensive dataset provides most of the information needed in a clean, structured format, enabling you to pre-fill most of the onboarding details for your new partner.

Instant Menus

The menu data collection can be the most painful part of any onboarding. Not with us. Access up-to-date menu data and make onboarding feel like magic.

Win, win

When merchants go live faster, our partners experience significant cost saving, incremental revenues, and increased restaurant satisfaction.


Business Intelligence
that’s wise beyond smart

We are helping businesses understand the world beyond their own. With broader insights, companies are able to process competitor performance and market trends faster, enabling smarter resource allocation across their entire business.

Faster Reaction

Monitoring the entire restaurant industry in near real-time enables our partners to assess investment opportunities in new locations or verticals before others.

Smarter Allocation

Seeing the complete picture also allows for better resource allocation–from money and people, to attention–to more efficiently align with your strategy.

Greater ROI

This deeper and shared understanding and alignment all lead to greater return on investment across sales, marketing, and operations - helping you win.


Deeper partner understanding means better consumer products

We’re helping tech companies understand their restaurant partners better than ever before. On the surface that means the ability to offer richer data and unique features that their competitors can’t; while delivering a smarter search experience for diners.

Intelligent Search

Improve your search query performance, offer better filtering, and deeper contextual info of your restaurant partners, so diners can feel confident when making a decision.

Supercharged Experiences

For users, you can increase trust in finding the right restaurant. Supercharging the consumer experience is not about more - but better, more contextual information.

Improved Conversion

By reducing the search friction users experience, our partners can meaningfully increase conversion and overall retention rates.


Find the ideal new location, every time in every market

With a complete view of the restaurant industry, we can provide a unique understanding of local demands and nuances, combined with competitive analysis, so that your restaurant partners can make the most informed decision for their next location.

Ideal Location

Every restaurant owner or group is looking for the ideal next location - with massive demand, limited competition, and a growing market. We can help you find these.

Risk Reduction

With new locations often representing million-dollar investments, you can massively reduce the risk involved for your partners when it comes to selecting their next spot.

Untap Potential

Offer this as a new paid feature for existing partners, or part of your acquisition strategy for new customers, helping you to reach them before anyone else.