Meet the people
behind our technology

To reimagine data intelligence for the restaurant industry, we brought some of the brightest minds together at the intersection of machine learning, data aggregation, and restaurant expertise.


Data leadership

These are our leaders, driving forward day-to-day with a deep passion for and expertise in the restaurant industry and AI.

Daniel Petz

  • CEO & Co-founder
  • Fmr. Groupon Strategy, Stanford MBA
  • Raised in a family of restaurateurs

Stuart Murless

  • Co-founder
  • Fmr. corporate financier
  • Owned & managed several restaurants

Sandor Murakozi

  • Head of Engineering
  • Fmr. early Cloudera employee
  • Big data & backend expert

Gabor Takacs

  • Staff Machine Learning Engineer
  • Fmr. Principal Data Scientist at Oracle
  • AI & Machine learning expert

Kerry Farrelly

  • Sr. Business Operation Manager
  • Professionally-trained chef
  • Food & restaurant tech expert

World-class experts

And then there is our external team, the experts guiding They’re all industry pioneers, seasoned restaurant-tech executives and world-renowned data scientists.

Prof. Ramesh Johari

  • Advisor
  • Professor of MSE, EE, CS at Stanford
  • Machine learning & data-driven decision-making

Prof. Andrzej Skrzypacz

  • Advisor
  • Professor of Economics at Stanford
  • Economic dynamics and marketplaces

Prof. Gabriel Weintraub

  • Advisor
  • Professor of Operations, Info & Technology at Stanford University
  • Data science & analytics

Mike Dodson

  • Advisor
  • Fmr. SVP of Sales at OpenTable,
    Resy board member
  • Sales & partnerships

Keyvan Rahmatian

  • Advisor
  • Product exec at Homebase, Fmr. OpenTable, TripAdvisor
  • Product in restaurant tech

Mattia Ferrini

  • Advisor
  • Director of AI & Mathematical Modelling at KPMG
  • Fmr. Head of a quantitative hedge fund